The feast is at Fuddruckers!

Be careful now. They're tasty photographs, but that's all they are. We just thought you might like to cast a longing look at the fresh foods that bring us such pride and our customers such joy.

We also wanted to remind you that Fuddruckers is all about freedom. So visit us today and feast any way you see fit. Is it the World's Greatest Burger that's calling your name? Beautiful. Pick your size. Tell us how you want it cooked. Pile on the garden-fresh produce and the sauces any way you like.

Want to venture beyond the choicest beef burgers any mortal's ever munched on? Knock yourself out. The menu also features exotic burgers, just-right grill platters, juicy chicken sandwiches, crunchy-cold and fresh salads, hearty soups, lots of different side dishes such as creamy macaroni and cheese and the best baked beans you've ever tasted, kid's meals, beverages, and homemade desserts. They're all made fresh - from only the finest ingredients.

Menu and prices may vary by location

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